Updated 27 August to include video and additional links.

Last weekend’s Young Rewired State really seems to have caught people’s imagination, with lots of commentary from the hackers who created the projects, the observers who watched them present their ideas and from people who weren’t there at all (but who rather wished they were).  I have tried to keep track of as much as I can with links below.  It’s bound to be incomplete, either because I haven’t found things, or because they haven’t been written yet.  Please put further pointers in the comments, and I will add them to the main list.

Information on the projects themselves can be found on the Rewired State site – scroll down to How’s my train which is the first of the Young Rewired State projects (as opposed to the [old] Rewired State projects from March).  But since it’s not linked from there (and it was the overall winner) the SchoolRoutr slideshow is here.

And there are lots of pictures, most comprehensively with this Flickr search.



Jordan Hatch

Bryant Tan

Mentors and observers

Julia’s Blog

Paul Canning

Shane Dillon

Dave Durant

Premasagar Rose

Craig Elder

Christian Heilmann

Mark O’Neill

Emma Mulqueeny

Wendy Grossman

Public Strategist

Rewired Emma


BBC dot.life

Guardian – open platform

TechCrunch Europe

Press Association

Most of the Twitter traffic was on #youngrewiredstate with a few diehards getting a few extra characters per tweet with #rewiredstate.  Identica had yrs as a tag and a group.

Pictures by vpjayant


  1. Thanks fir posting the most horrible photo evah!!!! Benjamin Ellis has lots more :) and thanks also for capturing all this so well for us. James is going to put something on the RS site shortly :) but you are wonderful to have captured all this. I’m off on holiday x

  2. Thanks for including. IMO the projects I observed, although not prominent, *deserve highlighting. I am humbled that young people are taking up these issues/subjects.
    Makes an ole’ queen proud :]

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