Locally centralising the centrally local

Seen from a certain distance, local government looks untidy and inefficient. The same functions are replicated hundreds of times over. There is limited scale efficiency of operations. Boundaries create anomalies and inconsistencies. So it must make sense to join it all up, to standardise, to have common platforms and common tools. The counter-argument is that […]

What is a digital leader?

Spending today with some public sector #digital leaders. Wonder what percentage are blogging or using #socialmedia? Guess we'll find out… — Chris Yiu (@clry2) March 24, 2014 What is a digital leader who doesn’t do digital? Not a digital leader would be a one obvious answer (though not the only one possible). Perhaps we need […]

Blundering about

I had high hopes of The Blunders of our Governments. Its authors, Anthony King and Ivor Crewe have spent decades apiece observing the British political system. If they can’t make sense of what happens, perhaps nobody can. And that’s a worrying thought, because although their book is entertaining and very readable, it doesn’t leave us […]

More public strategist

It’s time for a change. From today, the public strategist is becoming rather more public. The threadbare pseudonymity of Public Strategist has outlived its usefulness – the new About page tells all. There were two reasons for being faceless and nameless here. The first was distance. I wanted to be very clear that there was […]

Can government deliver?

I expected to dislike Conundrum. A book written by a member of the Public Accounts Committee (Richard Bacon) and a journalist (Christopher Hope) starting with a series of case studies about some of the worst examples it has examined in recent years was surely guaranteed to be an exercise in the simplistic mandarin bashing which […]