Privacy in public

Two stories help shape answers to the perennially vexed question of what constitutes privacy in an online world. One is about our licence to analyse people’s behaviour, however benign the intention might be. The other is about what it’s like to walk down the street. They have more in common than it might first appear.

0.019938% viral

As I was standing at the bus stop on a grey drizzly morning, there was a lorry parked on the opposite side of the road. It was an utterly unremarkable scene. But the words on the side of the lorry were a bit strange. They almost, but didn’t quite, make an email address. They almost, […]

Making connections

The web is a failed information management system. What is odd about that statement is not that the attempt has failed – I don’t think I have ever heard of any other fate for an information management system – but that the fact of the attempt has been so completely forgotten. Information is everywhere, of […]

Govcamp is useless

It’s the Monday1 after the Govcamp before, the day Dave Briggs once described as the most depressing day of all, as the exhilaration of the event crashes into the realities of working lives. I like Govcamp for a long list of reasons I wrote about last year – I won’t repeat them here, but they are implicit […]

Follow Friday

It’s quite common to see people on Twitter celebrating a milestone of the number of people following them, or to urge for themselves or for some deserving cause the attention of a few more people to push them over the next threshold. That is clearly a measure of something, but it’s not completely clear what, […]

Extreme camping

I like govcamp I like govcamp because I meet people I know I like govcamp because I meet people I don’t know I like govcamp because there are lots of people who were there the year before I like govcamp because there are lots of people who weren’t I like govcamp because there are sessions […]

Saturday, Sunday, Monday

  The oddest thing is not a gathering of almost 200 people choosing to spend a Saturday enthusiastically debating how they can use their deep collective knowledge of the workings of public services radically to improve them. That is startling enough, but it’s not the oddest thing. Considerably odder than that is that having spent […]

Top guns go blogging

The US Air Force may seem an unlikely source for good guidance on blogging – but they have come up with something thoughtful, well organised and on one piece of paper, which are attributes not to be sneezed at. Found from Global Nerdy (who also offers a PDF version) via Jeremiah Owyang.