On track to nowhere

There has been a lot of work in recent years on ways of improving the process of public consultation. It’s not something about which I have any great expertise or direct involvement, but I am conscious of great efforts to produce consultation material in forms which are not just useful and accessible themselves, but which […]

Mass compromise not mass personalisation

Politics is about collective decision making.  It’s hard not just because people disagree about the answers to particular questions, but even more so because they disagree about how those questions relate to one another.  The answer you get depends on the question you ask, and politics is about trying to find agreement on the questions […]

Information powers on

The Australian Government has just announced a Government 2.0 Taskforce, which seems to be getting some of the same sorts of reactions as our own Power of Information Taskforce – that it is an establishment fix, that it needs to deliver instant radicalism, that it is a huge opportunity ready to be taken.  I know […]

Is the Tower still made of ivory?

The Tower 09 conference a week ago was interesting , a slightly smaller follow on to the bigger and brasher event a year ago.  It was a curious event – quite a lot of good stuff, but in a format which feels increasingly old fashioned, and with a very strange sense of its place in […]

Customer insight for writers

The writer already knows what he or she is trying to communicate. The only way to judge writing, and thereby improve it, is to learn from people who are confused by it, who draw the wrong conclusion. You don’t assume that they failed, quite the opposite, you try to learn how you failed. And then […]

Sliding into oblivion

It’s almost exactly a year since I last felt the urge to write anything about presentations and bad powerpoint.  That’s not because the world has suddenly become a better place, but because there doesn’t seem much more to say.  But an experience today has reminded me just how critically important this stuff is. I arrived […]

More simple powerpoint rules

At the risk of beating further a broken drum, five simple rules of powerpoint from Seth Godin No more than six words on a slide. EVER. There is no presentation so complex that this rule needs to be broken. No cheesy images. Use professional stock photo images. No dissolves, spins or other transitions. Sound effects […]