Camping trip

  Another year has passed. Another Govcamp beckons. Every year it is much the same, because the basic model of an event with emergent content and structure works and works well. Every year it is very different, because the mix of people and the¬†things they want to talk about changes. And even if they didn’t, […]

Sharing about sharing

The problem with now having two blogs is the need to decide which posts belong where. I’ve just written something on my new blog about sharing between apps and how the power of mobile devices is not necessarily in their mobility. But it might just as easily have gone here, so it seemed worth adding […]

Parcel delivery, just a few years late

A few years ago, I wrote a bit of a rant about waiting for a parcel to be delivered without knowing when it would be coming – the middle class angst of the twenty-first century. The problem, I argued then was that the delivery companies’ information management was, perhaps not surprisingly, optimised for their needs, […]

Who’s to blame?

The winds were strong across the Atlantic this morning. The plane I was due to meet at Heathrow was due at 7.50 but expected about 40 minutes sooner. So an earlier start than planned got me to Terminal 5 at 7.45, which with a bit of luck would be about right to meet somebody working […]

This blog is not yet lost

This blog has not had a substantive post for quite a while. There’s no particular reason for that, other than that I find that the longer I haven’t written something here, the harder it feels to write anything, so the longer the gap keeps growing. So this is to break the cycle and blow the […]

Gone to the beach

This blog has gone away to where, on past experience, 2G connections can be obtained by leaning perilously out of a window and 3G connections by the simple expedient of driving 12 miles to a conveniently positioned supermarket car park.  Digital exclusion can take many forms and is not always involuntary.


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One stop security blanket

Bruce Schneier applies consistent good sense to questions of security, on line and off, both through his blog and his book.    The trouble is that there is lots of good stuff, but it’s hard to find scattered across several years of blogging.  Now he has done a Q&A with readers of Freakonomics, which is […]