Office in the coffee

As an antidote to the three posts this week criticising London transport maps and information, a particularly splendid reworking of the tube map has been going the rounds recently (click on it to see a bigger version). It shows the names of good independent coffee shops in place of station names. That could be really […]

Govcamp is useless

It’s the Monday1 after the Govcamp before, the day Dave Briggs once described as the most depressing day of all, as the exhilaration of the event crashes into the realities of working lives. I like Govcamp for a long list of reasons I wrote about last year – I won’t repeat them here, but they are implicit […]

Work Place

The question of how we work in a digital world is occupying me quite a lot at the moment. Prompted in part by my involvement with the project to deliver technology good enough for work, I wrote a post here a few weeks back on whether offices are redundant, with a couple of follow up […]


More than 90% of people don’t know about CTRL- or CMD- F… — Neil Williams (@neillyneil) December 2, 2013 My first computer came with a big solid manual. In fact it came with two, one for MS-DOS, the operating system, and one for BASIC. The first – and for a long time only – […]

Antelopes grazing in the open plan

Here’s another interesting talk on the office working environment, this time from Ben Hammersley. Ben talks about the impossibility of reaching the flow state necessary for any kind of thoughtful work in an environment of constant interruptions, and about the adrenaline levels needed to sustain vigilance against the predators of open plan. We have optimised […]

Off peak office

Perhaps I didn’t need to write this morning’s blog post. I could have just linked to this video instead – Dave Coplin on fine form, with bravura illustration. RSA Animate – Re-Imagining Work from The RSA on Vimeo. This is the film of the book, and the book is very good too – short, sharp […]

Peak office

Culture eats technology for breakfast (to adapt the more common version, that culture eats strategy for breakfast – but culture is omnivorous, so no problem there). The critical question which follows from that statement gets much less attention: where are we going to have breakfast. That question is the focus of this post. Not long […]