The Common Information Environment is an outfit which describes its purpose as  being ‘to help cement a collaborative, cross-sectoral partnership to build a common on-line information environment’ leaving me at least precisely none the wiser.

They have though commissioned MORI to do some research for them which has just been published in a report called  Understanding the Audience.

Chris Batt, Chief Executive of MLA and Chair of the CIE, said:

“This new study is a goldmine of information on users’ (and non-users’) perceptions of the Internet and the resources and services it offers. Anyone interested in how this new medium is changing our daily lives will want to see these data, and the report provides the Common Information Environment partners with vital new insights that will direct and focus our future work programmes.”

This is the first time I have seen the phrase ‘these data’ in the wild for a very long time, but the report has some interesting stuff in both the 113 page version and the summary of findings.