I was browsing through the McKinsey Quarterly Newsletter and found a comforting article…

Designing IT for business

With business leaders calling the shots, some leading companies are transforming their IT architecture by grouping increasingly complex systems into “domains�—sets of applications and databases that have a business rationale for being managed together. The goal is to turn what often resembles a plate of cooked spaghetti, with thousands of applications and databases dispersed across the architecture, into logical blocks with a minimum of interconnecting wires.

The take-away

Companies where business and technology people jointly overhaul IT systems achieve a dual objective. They not only simplify their IT architecture, making it more flexible and cost-effective, but also bridge the gulf between IT and business—the problem that lies at the heart of the poor returns from the technology binge of the 1990s.

I’m struggling with setting up a link to the full article at the moment, but if anyone is interested give me a shout.  By the way I’ve subscribed to Mckinsey’s Premuim membership so that I can continue to get access to these type of articles and will pass them on.