A guy called Andrew Smith has his first encounter with our services:

The application process is just an utter debacle in what can only be seen as a measure to keep the employment rates down you have to phone up and speak to a real person to answer in essence a slew of yes/no and basic data questions. Why in an age you can do a form as complicated as a tax return on the internet, can’t you fill in a benefits claim online? The poor buggers working in what must amount to a system much like a veal crate must absolutely hate it, speaking to the no hopers of Britain with no more than an autocue for company.

What is remarkable though is that five days later he has his second encounter:

After just under an hour spent going through the process of getting my benefit claim filed, I have to say I have great admiration for the general cheeriness and efficiency that Job Centre staff go about their daily business with. At all times they seemed willing to help and at no times cynical, even a security guard was helpful. If I got myself a job like that I’d have turned myself inside out with cynicism within 3 weeks so kudos to everyone down at the Job Centre for their hard work and commitment even as they were under obvious time constraints and hampered by poorly implemented IT systems.

Though he carries on being just as rude about the IT.  Conclusion to date:

sack the IT contractor but keep whoever trains the staff with hefty financial rewards.