Is it a bad idea to start a new division to focus on customers?  Techdirt thinks it might be:

It’s no secret that some companies aren’t particularly responsive to customer concerns and requests, but, still, most companies at least try to position themselves as having an overall "customer-centric" focus. Apparently that’s not true of Lenovo, the Chinese computer maker, who is most associated with their purchase last year of IBM’s Thinkpad line of computers. While Thinkpads generally have a good reputation, especially concerning customer service, it appears that Lenovo has suddenly decided to start a new division "to focus on consumers." This, of course, should probably make you wonder just what the company was focused on before. Customer focus isn’t the sort of thing that you should set up a separate division for. It should be a part of the entire corporate culture. And, if you need any more reason to be worried, it appears this new division has been set up by someone the company recently recruited from Dell — a company that once decided the best way to work with customers was to remove its toll-free support number from its website to make it more difficult for customers to call for help.