A curious bit of emergent classification from the Directgov main site about its mobile site.  There is a URL you can put in (though not, from my experience, any smart detection which serves the mobile version to a mobile device).  But you can also reach it through each provider’s menu structure – and there’s a handy page on Directgov to tell you how:

Connecting to Directgov Mobile through portals

T Mobile

You can reach Directgov using the ‘web ‘n’ walk’ service. Click on the ‘See all our links’ tab and then find Directgov under ‘Social and Chat‘.


Go to the Vodafone Live homepage, choose the ‘Personal finance’ section and Directgov is under ‘Money matters’.

O2  i-mode

If you have an O2 i-mode phone, press the ‘i’ button on your handset and select the i–menu. Go to the ‘Information & Directories‘ section and you’ll see Directgov in the list of sites.

O2 Active
If you are an O2 Active user, access Directgov via the ‘Info and Travel‘ section.


For ‘3’ customers, go to the ‘3’ homepage, then select ‘Top sites’ followed by ‘More top sites’.


Go to the Orange World portal and choose ‘Internet‘ from the browser menu. Scroll down to find Directgov.

The contrast between ‘social and chat’ and ‘money matters’ as the defining characteristic is fascinating – the more so since the four main headings on the mobile home page are

  • Local services
  • Journey planner
  • Information
  • Forms and leaflets

Let’s just hope that all those mobile internet users just google instead.


  1. Brilliant. Although perhaps a bit political for a civil servant? social and chat is clearly a labour vision of government; money matters is the Thatcher perspective; while info and travel is a libertarian vision.

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