The Australian Government has just announced a Government 2.0 Taskforce, which seems to be getting some of the same sorts of reactions as our own Power of Information Taskforce – that it is an establishment fix, that it needs to deliver instant radicalism, that it is a huge opportunity ready to be taken.  I know and have learned from two of the members of the taskforce, and if they are the measure of its calibre, its work will be very much worth watching.

Stephen Collins has posted the words and slides from a great presentation about why it is so important for governments to be taking this seriously and the benefits which will flow from it.

There are many public servants at all levels of government who stand ready, willing and able to engage directly with the public if only you will let them. They are knowledgeable and capable and proud of their work. They will help you govern and help you develop and deliver better government by being deeply connected into the communities they serve. By being a trusted, real and human part of those communities. If only you will let them.

His slides are worth a special mention – a tremendous use of simple strong imagery and sparse headlines to create powerful and memorable effects.  This is one which will certainly influence my presentation style.


  1. Stefan, I’m so glad you liked my talk and slides. It’s a big deal to me that the work I do (even if sometimes it’s for love as was the case here, and not money) makes people think and promots them to do something differently.
    I’m personally very excited about the Taskforce. Knowing a couple of the people on it, I’m confident they will make their best effort to do something real.
    I’d love to chat any time.

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