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The down side of social media (Or the web’s a tough old place)

In the last few days three things have convinced us that we are right not to be seduced by the received social media wisdom and to stick to our current approach where single issue conversations highlight and (hopefully) resolve and (hopefully) resolve particular concrete problems in specific services.

Not fit for purpose? The jargon-laden language of politics

Tony Wright, chairman of the committee, said: “Good government requires good language, while bad language is a sign of poor government. poor government.”We propose that cases of bad official language should be treated as ‘maladministration’, as for any other type of poor administration.

Labour’s digital plan gets in the way of real progress

All our experience of the development of information technology is that transformational innovation comes from newcomers rather than established firms, is unpredictable in nature and starts from what the customer might want rather than what the technology might do.

Hello World » Blog Archive » The 140-characters Netscape

Twitter will be credited with starting the revolution, and paving the road for followers (pun intended). But at the same time, it will be pushed into a minor position in the market with other players taking the lead (or, as is the case with Netscape, will no longer exist).

Defence News: Nick Gurr: A Pen-Pusher Writes…

Normally I like to focus my posts on operational issues. And I will promise to do so again next time. But on this occasion I want to address some of the recent media coverage of civilians in Defence.

15 minutes to free the public sector?

Systems thinkers have another opportunity to influence outcomes for public sector service users and staff. If you service users and staff. If you have 15 minutes between now and the 30th November, you could have a significant impact upon the future of inspection in local government.