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The Government has got its head in a cloud

Mr Suffolk also believes civil servants and public sector workers should be more active on social networking sites. He runs a blog, although it hasn’t been updated for almost a month. “The more we can move to a dialogue is a good thing. [Government blogs] are still very rare.” However, there is a risk when communicating directly to a wide audience: “You have got to understand there will be the potential for misinterpretation.” [h/t @iancuddy]

When Acting on Customer Insights, Accuracy Matters

But don’t feel too comfortable when your Customer Experience Management vendor tells you they have a sophisticated text analytics engine because “truth be told” they come in all shapes and sizes… from statistical word counting and targeted keyword lists, to sophisticated natural language processing or NLP. When evaluating text analytics solutions it’s very important to not only evaluate the output – dashboards, reports and exploration capabilities, but to also inspect the quality of the data being extracted…
Vendors that invest in NLP technology to model the structure of words in order to understand a sentence can yield accuracy similar to that of a human. Statistical approaches (keywords, classifiers, etc.) are considerably less accurate because they typically require the user or implementer to create rules to model what data is pulled from the system.

How to confuse a Facebook user | Technology |

Suddenly, thanks to the magic of Google, that post became the most heavily-featured result for searches like “Facebook login” – which caused all kinds of confusion.

It looks like a number of users clicked on the top result, expecting to be taken to Facebook’s login page (also known as, erm, and instead being presented with this ENTIRELY DIFFERENT site.

The post now has a comment thread of around 300 posts, many from disgruntled Facebook users who have clicked and can’t work out what’s happened to the site they know and love…

But, lest we simply laugh at the failure of the great unwashed to get the web, let’s take a couple of serious points away from the whole thing… Perhaps we should refigure our idea of how many people actually use the web in this way. While the confused commenters largely seem to be middle-aged non-web-literate people, that doesn’t mean they’re stupid – just ill-informed.

” » Thornley Fallis’ new Online Communications Policy” from Pro PR

Each of us represents the company to the world and the character of the company is defined by our beliefs and actions. We must be mindful of this when participating in social media and any kind of online communications.
You may be active in social media on your own account. That’s good. But please remember that whether you are on your own time or company time, you’re still a member of our team. And the judgment you exercise on your own time reflects on the judgment you exercise at work. There’s only one you – at play and at work.