Things which caught my eye elsewhere on the web – or rather for this special edition – all elsewhere on just one site.  That’s completely unplanned and has never happened before, so a special drumroll for Lost Consciousness:

  • The Cassandra Complex « Lost ConsCIOusness Let’s say I start the “Bear profession” which is open to all ursines in good standing. We have brown bears, black bears, grizzly bears, polar bears… What about pandas?Pandas are, I was brought up to believe, just raccoons with pretensions. So do we let pandas into the “Bear profession”? And if we let in giant pandas then why not red pandas?So perhaps we have an entrance exam, one involving little cakes and honey. But what does that tell us? Solely that someone has passed an exam, which may or may not have any relevance to the actual life of bears.
  • Castles in the Cloud « Lost ConsCIOusness Part of the problem is that our security model remains essentially medieval. We build a vault, we put our treasure in the vault, we post guards around it. We need a different model in the cloud age, one where security is embedded into the individual atoms of information.
  • No Go the Flow « Lost ConsCIOusness Our offices seem deliberately designed to ensure that “flow” is minimised and interruptions are maximised. Similarly we build vast processes which disrupt flow and seek to reduce the human to some Taylorite automaton, incapable of creativity and “flow”.Given that we are never more productive, never happier, never more creative than when in “flow”, why do we seem to actively seek to ensure that we banish the possibility of “flow” from our organizations? Is “flow” such a great threat?If not, if we are supposed to be encouraging productivity, happiness and creativity then why are we not seeking to maximise “flow”?