Things have been a bit quiet round here for a while. The list of posts which have been started continues to lengthen. The list of posts which have been finished and published remains rather stuck.

One reason for that is that I have been spending time over the last couple of months on the rather retro (and so, I dare to hope, achingly cutting edge) idea of a link blog.  It lives at Strategic Reading (a name so boring that it must surely be unforgettable), where you will find links to interesting articles, with no more than a hundred words or so of context setting. The scope is not very different from that of this blog, so if you are interested in what I write here, you are likely to find at least some of what is collected there interesting.

There’s a handy weekly email you can sign up for, if you like that sort of thing, and of course an even handier RSS feed. Or follow @StratRead on Twitter, which automatically tweets new posts.